Dream Manifestation Theory

In collaboration with East Van Arts and Culture Society 

Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2017

The Ellis Building 

1024 Main St

Vancouver, BC


Artists: Yi Stopky, Peter Ricq, Ryan Milbourne, Andrea Hooge, Britt Wainwright, Riley McMaster, Christian Whiticar, Eric Wada, Lauren D Zbarsky, Charlie Hannah, Ester Field, Char Loro, Kenny McDonald, Natalie Crema, Pat Christie, Jonah Yano, Brendan Gore

Curator: Lauren D Zbarsky

Curatorial Assistant: Emma Phillips

We all go somewhere during a night's slumber, an afternoon cat nap, when we are born and when we die. This place we go exists outside of reality and outside of the physical world in which we live. While we may all go to this 'other place', each one of our dream states are unique to the individual. Often we may not remember our dreams but they have come from and exist within us. Our dreams are affected by our personal lives as much as they affect our living reality. Dreams are commonly forgotten shortly after we awaken, making them seemingly non-existent past the individual experience of them. Sigmund Freud, taught of dreams in the context of reality through the manifest content of dreams, a term that describes the visual narrative of the dream – the storytelling of what what the dream looked like inside of the mind. In this exhibit, Dream Manifestation Theory, participating artists share something of their personal, individual dream experiences. Representing the individual dream states in a public space and sharing in them with others - our activation of Dream Manifestation Theory.

Special thanks to East Van Arts and Culture Society, The East Side Flea, Jared Bernstein, Kristin Ramsey, Elise Tomalty and everyone who helped to make this event happen.

10% of art sales were donated to the arts initiative program at The Native Education College in Vancouver. 

The Space Between 

Oct 21 - Oct 30, 2016

Final show at 436 Columbia St as Untitled Art Space 

Vancouver, BC

Artists: Alysha Farling, Pat Christie, Kerry Chambers  

Co-curators: Lauren D. Zbarsky, Katherine Chan

Space can be considered with infinite possibilities. Most commonly, we think of physical space and intellectual space. What is overlooked and infrequently explored is the space between spaces. The negative of the positive—the metaphysical space. We are accustomed to focus on what is there, in front of us or around us, and neglect to look beyond. This is a space where we are free of confinement formed by what we've come to know, where things fall through the cracks and memories turn into nostalgia. In this exhibition, each artist interprets this idea in a new way within their medium and through a collaborative effort, together they occupy the space between.

After the exhibit, Alysha Farling installed her sculptural contribution to the exterior of the gallery on Columbia Block in Vancouver and to the surrounding streets of Chinatown. 

Within Pages - Book Launch + Exhibition

Sept 30 - Oct 14, 2016

Untitled Art Space 

436 Columbia St

Vancouver, BC

Co-Publishers/Co-Curators: Lauren D. Zbarsky, Kristin Ramsey

Contributors: Grant Harder, Peter Ricq, Andrew Pommier, Derrick Fast, Claire Milbrath, Katie Stewart, Michelle Cyca, Pamela Rounis, Sara Harowitz, Jessie Craig, Leila Bani, Shannon Elliot, Katie So, Daryn Wright, Justin Ramsey, Dillon Ramsey, Kimberley Budziak, Ryan Mathieson, Susan Clarahan, Alex Waber

Book Design: Henry Slaughter

Editor's Letter

It all started with a simple conversation. The idea to produce something - an event, a publication - that brings our worlds together. This inaugural issue has been a year in the making, but intentionally so. Here, our Introduction. The name W/I signifies not only words and images, but also the collaboration - of art and editorial, of personal work by creative professionals we admire - contained within these pages. 

Dirty Knees

Aug 12 - Aug 22, 2016

Untitled Art Space 

436 Columbia St

Vancouver, BC

Artists: Nomi Chi, Shannon Elliott, Katie So, Mandy Tsung, Lauren YS

Curator: Nomi Chi

“Dirty Knees” loosely refers to the crass playground rhyme, "Chinese/ Japanese/ Dirty knees/ Look at these!” - the phrase ‘Dirty Knees” ostensibly referring to migrant labourers often working on their knees. Many of us have, as children, participated in reciting this rhyme, regardless of our racial makeup. This presence and ubiquity of internalized racism is a complex issue for those with mixed-Asian backgrounds, leading to stratified and tangled issues with blood relatives, with ideas of tradition and sense of selfhood. In Dirty Knees, the artists are encouraged to unpack these ideas in reference their own upbringings and and observations. As examples, Katie So will be making proclamations of dissent against how she is often perceived; Lauren YS will be ruminating on the complexity of an identity that is inherently stratified, and has reached out online to survey half-asian volunteers to inform her work. Themes of otherness, sameness, and fetishization will be some of many motifs explored. The artists are also encouraged to make works outside of their respective practices to convey their messages, yet stay faithful to their particular visions and styles. With representative illustration being a pivotal element in all of their work, the figure will be a familiar subject in this exhibition. The aim is ultimately to establish and consolidate a sense of community for Mixed-race people and people of colour, as well as to add important voices to discussions regarding race and identity politics within the discourse of contemporary visual arts.

Friday the 13th

May 13 - May 15, 2016

Untitled Art Space

436 Columbia St

Vancouver, BC


Artists: Mitchell Villa, Christian Whiticar

Curator: Lauren D. Zbarsky

Friday the 13th is a collaborative project by artists Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa. The two grew up on Vancouver Island together and have been friends since childhood. Their long history of skating, painting, rock & roll and general tom foolery can be recognized throughout both of their work while each maintaining a specific style unique to them as individuals. From their respective cities, Mitchell in Victoria and Christian in Vancouver, the artists have created two large scale collaborative installations that are site-specific to Untitled Art Space. The exhibition will also include acrylic paintings the artists have been working on individually for the past several months. Friday the 13th is representative of the artists' friendship in it's portrayal of individual, self exploration and simultaneous shared experience.

Mediated Visions in Time and Space

as part of Capture Photography Festival

Apr 22 - May 4, 2016

Untitled Art Space

436 Columbia St

Vancouver, BC

Artists: Pedro Ferreira (Portugal), David Goldberg (Canada), Jesse Treece (US), Ryan Mathieson (Canada), Cristina Sabaiduc and Jo Holland (UK), Lauren D. Zbarsky and Shauna Jean Doherty (Canada)

Co-Curators: Lauren D. Zbarsky, Shauna Jean Doherty

Early on in its history, photography was hailed as a technology capable of translating truth. Subsequent critical reflection by authors such as Susan Sontag, Stuart Hall, and Roland Barthes recognizes that camera-based imagery offers an altered reality, which is itself subjective and unreliable, influenced by both the photographer’s and the viewer’s interpretations. While photography makes claims toward empirical documentation, the mediating impact of the lens produces an imperfect record.

Mediated Visions in Time and Space occurs within the unstable space of the photographic reality, exploring the transcendental, interpretive, mutable, and otherworldly dimensions embedded within the filmic image. This group exhibition navigates the perceptual boundaries of lens-based practice, both technically and conceptually, through diverse modes including slide photography, Super8 film, textile, installation, collage and sculpture.

The Untitled Show: Vol 2

1 year anniversary of Untitled Art Space 

Mar 4 - Mar 20, 2016

Untitled Art Space

436 Columbia St

Vancouver, BC


Artits: Matt Munn, Nate Lacoste, Alexine McLeod, Katie So, Shannon Elliott, Colin Cej, Miles Vernon, Beau Partlow, Lauren D. Zbarsky, Pat Christie, Sarah Delaney, Amelia Garvin, Wendy Dyk, Jonah Yano, Chris Eugene Mills, John Park, Derrick Fast, Ali Bruce, Victoria Sieczka,D-evil

Curator: Lauren D. Zbarsky

Untitled has grown a great deal in our first year, exhibiting many different types of work. In it's year long exploration, the gallery has found it's identity in the experimentation of interactive and new media but most importantly in collaboration. We are proud to announce a line up of some stand out artists who've exhibited at the space this past year and a few new ones to add to the mix.